Sage ZXL

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The Sage ZXL sets the standard for a medium priced yet extremely high quality graphite fly rod. Because of the innovative "G5" wrapping technique with graphite the ZXL series of fly rods are extremely lite with great sensitivity. Most rods in this series weighing in at under 3 ounces!
However don't let the svelte weight fool you. Even with the lighter weight and medium action this rod still carries lots of backbone for fighting big trout.
This rod lends itself well to fishing those slower waters with a dry fly but still is still long enough to handle dropping a couple of nyphs under an indicator through the pockets and swift rapids on bigger rivers.
The ZXL series of rods come in a variety of models with line weights and sizes that are perfect for gentle fly presentations to all around trout fishing. Our best picks for all around trout fishing models of ZXL in the typical 5 weight range include:


Line Weight

Rod Length

Rod Weight

580-4 ZXL



2 3/4 oz

586-4 ZXL


8' 6"

3 1/16 oz

590-4 ZXL



3 5/16 oz

Why buy on eBay? Well for one you can pickup a Sage ZXL at closeout or below closeout prices saving a wad of cash. But you just have to shop it, because many sellers are not always the best price and can even be more expensive than a catalog or retailer after factoring in shipping. 
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Sage Model ZXL 486-4 Fly Fishing Rod

Sage Model ZXL 486-4 Fly Fishing Rod


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