Trout Fly Rod Reviews

We've broken down the rod selection process and picked the winners. Each of the brands and models below will work well for any kind of trout fishing. Starting with our best value selection on up to hand made bamboo.

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Redington is a great value for entry level and novice fly fishing gear. Yet despite the entry level price on most rods, Redington still incorporates good quality and practical features. If your on a budget then Redington is a good reputable brand.

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Sage Fly Rods

Sage makes higher end fly fishing gear to fit just about any fly fishing scenario or body of water imaginable. From the smallest of creeks with slow action to salt water flats requiring fast action and long casts. Because of the higher cost, Sage poles are nicely designed and engineered.

Product Name
G. Loomis manufacturers a variety of fishing gear including a series of made just for trout fishing only fly rods. Most of the G. Loomis brand fly rods are on the stiff side with a fast action (so you can put the hammer down on big lunker trout) for the more experienced fly angler that has a good tight casting technique.

When you are ready to step up to a beautiful piece of fishing art that is still functional then it is time to get a hand crafted bamboo rod by H.L. Leonard.
St Croix

St Croix engineers rods from the bottom up. Moderately priced and with features like carbon fiber.

Protect your fly rod investment from scratches and a broken tip with a hard shell tube.

Simply the best way to store and keep your fish fresh and cold is with an Arcticreel.