Redington RS4

Product NameThe Redington RS4 series of fly rods are another high quality price performance setup. However unlike the Classic Trout series, there is a very wide selection of RS4 fly rods, and not all of them are well suited for trout fishing.
The Redington RS4 fly rods are made from black graphite, portugeuse cork handles and a graphite insert. To top it off the RS4s have a lifetime warranty.
When it comes to trout fishing, when selecting a rod from the RS4 series you will want to stick with the 3, 4 or 5 weight fly rods and the "A" style handle. The A style handle is your traditional fly rod cork handle for all around fresh water fishing as seen in the picture above. The "B" style handles are for salt water fishing.
Specifically here are the models of RS4 fly rods that we think are a good match for all around trout fishing on most rivers. By sticking with our 5 weight fly line recommendation as an all around guide here are the best matching poles in this series of fly rods:
2 Piece Rods
RS4 9052
RS4 8652
4 Piece Rods
RS4 8654
RS4 8054
RS4 9054
The RS4 model of rods are also available in an "outfit" combination that matches the RS4 fly rod with a MOSS Rise fly reed, backing, tapered leader and RIO Mainstream fly line with a matching black carrrying case. The outfits can be a good value however it is usally a good idea to buy and tie your own tippet material and leaders because the factory tapered leaders don't cast or perform as well as hand tied ones.
Bargain Deals on eBay
Redington RS4 Fly Rod 8 1 2 foot 5 weight 2 pc

Redington RS4 Fly Rod 8 1 2 foot 5 weight 2 pc

Redington Fly Rod RS4 9’ 0” 2 Piece

Redington Fly Rod RS4 9’ 0” 2 Piece


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