Imagine placing a perfect cast and watching your fly flutter down on the water, and steeling your nerves as a big fish is about to crash the surface.
That's fly fishing! And it's a great way to catch lots of fish, especially in areas or streams that are overworked by traditional lure and bait fishermen. 
Remember the scene from the excellent movie "A River Runs Through It" -- the one with the red Hills Brothers coffee can? Then you probably know what I mean.
One of the more sought after fish when fly fishing are trout, regardless of the specific species of trout.

From brookies to cut-throat, and leaping rainbows ... trout are fun to catch on a fly rod and stocked in many cold water rivers and lakes all over the US.

In fact, you can find trout in cold waters all over the world -- even exotic places like Costa Rica.

Trout just make great sport and pretty good eats.
But with all the options out there what is the best setup, outfit or combo to get you out on the water and catching some fish?

With many days out on the water each year I try to answer that question on this site.
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-John Andersen