Fly Rods for Trout Fishing
Fly fishing is a fun and exciting sport passed down through many generations. And by far one of the most sought after fish when fly fishing are trout.

But when it comes to selecting the right fly gear, not all fly rods are created equal.
You need to closely match the size, length, line weight plus style of rod to the type of fishing, body of water and the size of the fish you plan to catch.

On this site you will find in depth fly rod product reviews, fly rod guides and other information aimed specifically at trout fishing anglers from the complete novice on up to seasoned veteran.
Read our definitive trout fly rod reviews and buyer guides so you can choose the best fly rod setup for your next outing.
Click here for detailed articles and informative guides on how to select the very best fly fishing rods suited for all around trout fishing. If you are new to fly fishing start here.
Be sure to check out our very latest articles on proper fly casting techniques to pratice and master before you head out to the river.

The Best Trout Fly Rods? Our Top All Around Picks

Redington Classic Trout

Redington Classic Trout

The Redington Classic Trout series is a great price to performance fly rod with multiple size and weight options that are tailor made for serious trout fishing. A great choice if you are just starting out.

whispercreek glx

G. Loomis WhisperCreek GLX

A high quality rod, the WhisperCreek GLX is a moderate action fly rod made for stalking weary trout in clear still water conditions where precision placed casts are essential. This rod is for more experienced anglers.

A step up in price and performance, the ZXL is a spiffy little rod for moderate action casting yet still has a stout backbone for fighting big fish.